My paintings are connected to one another through doors within the paintings. This connection gives rise to interwoven scenes/stories with recurring characters and objects, on-going themes, and world issues. The doors in my paintings should be seen as pathways/gates to different dimensions, points in time, and points of view. My art is a form of didactic art and stands to bring thought to our constantly flowing and current political, material, and spiritual environment. The paintings contain multi-leveled meanings and are often cryptic with
an alchemical style of symbolism.

Each of my paintings represents a world/space at a particular point in time/space while reflecting upon multi-layered situations and themes. The world might be a part of our current reality or may suggest a jostling alternate reality. Each painting incorporates its’ own story from a unique perspective while at the same time can be viewed with my other paintings as a chapter in a much larger, ongoing story or in a sequential fashion. The paintings can move together in different combinations to suggest an examination of how each voice or painting can change the viewers’ of the unfolding world dynamic.

This is fiction.