selected works

Repeating Death (City on Top of City on Top of City ect. Until End)

18 x 24 in

Cycles (Jailer Demon Feeding Prisoners to Rats)

18 x 32 in

Smokey Library (Smoke Demons Reading, Smoking, and Telling Smoke
Stories in the Library)

24 x 18 in

Living Red City (Giant Heads Surveilling a Living City Over a River)[old version]

16 x 22 in

Snakes in Line (Snakes Waiting in Line for Money from a Lizard at a Window in a Totalitarian Society Controlled by Shirts)

11 x 12 in

Bird Trafficking (Birds Selling Birds to Other Birds)

24 x 36 in

Brain Creation (The Conspiracy Behind the Creation of the Brain Clouds)[Line People Creating More Brain Clouds]

27 x 40 in

Secret Service Snake (Undercover X Agent Reclaiming Castle by Trying to Poison the Big Boss Snake With a Basket of Poisoned Eggs)

37 x 25 in

Underground (Living Castle Holding A Caged Earth Watching Boats Sail by Full of Treasure) [Sub-Level 1]

46 x 40 in

Cash (People Trying to Climb to the Top of the Money Stacks)

24 x 30 in

Shirt Rebellion (Zombie Uprising With Brand New Shirts as Their Symbol of New Beginnings with an Undercover Agent in the Crowd)

42 x 30 in

Prison Break (Death God/Spirit Walking Past Cell Doors Opening Them) [Release of Agent X]

20 x 28 in

Shape Shifting Sheep Saving (Wealthy Shape Shifting Sheep Falsely Leading Some People With Others Finding Out the Truth Around the Expensive Castle)

25 x 37 in


Repeating Wall (Boats Passage Being Blocked By a Endless Repeating Wall)


Internet (People Trapped in a Web with a Monster in the Middle)

Cooking Chickens (Red Cook Pan Frying Some Birds To Make Some Extra Cash)


Sock Puppet Boxing (Boxers Getting Ready to Box in Front of an Audience of Socks)

Dog Descension (Dog Descending Down from a UFO)

Fifth (Lawyer Stating his Client Pleads the Fifth)